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FLYN: A cool, laid back, quick thinking, good-looking teenage boy and eldest of his family. Headstrong Flyn has a mind of his own, wanderlust and an eye for adventure.
ELFINE: A cheeky, optimistic, vivacious, beautiful teenage fairy girl but also she has a mind of her own and known for being disobedient and like Pook she is also teller of tall tales.
SCATTERJACK: Once a fun loving, witty, mischievous minstrel fairy but was banished by the Fairy King and now a terrifyingly, wild, disturbing fairy seeking revenge on all Fairyland.
VICKY: Mother of Amabel and Grandmother of Flyn, Maddie and Jack. Elderly, eccentric yet wise with a graceful presence and strong moral values and fearlessness coupled with a magical sense of wonder.
JAMES: Husband of Amabel, a realist and level headed airline pilot with an inbuilt aversion to anything fanciful and hates even the mention of the word “fairies”.
AMABEL: Wife of James and mother of Flyn, Maddie and Jack. Amabel has a kind loving, motherly nature but won't stand for any nonsense from anyone.
MADDIE: Second eldest she is a young teenager no longer Daddies little girl and now developing a rebellious streak.
JACK: The youngest of the family, a timid, cautious boy who looks up to his older brother.
POOK: Considered a rotten apple and well known for being a compulsive liar but also is known for being a charming rogue.


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